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SEO... or Search Engine Optimisation ! You've just woken up to the web ? Then this post is for you.
The SEO is the way for your website to be well positioned in the search engine results. The better your SEO, the better your rank.

So here is a little recap of the basic things to do in order to give your website a strong visibility on the Web.


SEO : 12 basic principles to optimize your site

Every company dreams of having its website in the first results, after a search with DuckDuckGo or Google.

Of course, as you can imagine, it all depends on the number of your competitors – if they are numerous then it's harder than in a niche market. Thus, the quality of your actions for your site when coding will have a certain impact.

So let's start here with how to write a good web page or post. We will see later in different posts other tools for your website.


The choice of a focus keyword for the SEO

. Please choose a keyword in connection with the subject of your page.
This keyword must be unique to your site, which means you should not re-use it on other pages.

. This keyword will then have to appear in the URL for the page. The keyword for this article for instance is SEO, the URL is

. This keyword will also be included in some sub-titles of the page, as well as being in the first paragraph of your content.
Therefore helping your users understand what it'is all about.

. Lastly, the keyword will be repeated a certain amount of times in the content, so that its density rises to 2,5% of the total of words - which is normal, given that it's related to the subject of your page.


The choice of the SEO title

. The SEO title can be different from the title of your page (such as ours 'SEO basic principles') and this SEO title is the name of a tab opened in a web browser. When it is too long, it will only show up when the mouse is on it.
the length is important: not too short or too long, for example: 'SEO: basic principles for writing your content | Sé'.

. The focus keyword should be included in your SEO title, preferably at the beginning.


The use of normal links in your content

. While you're writing your page, think of some internal link(s): links leading one further into the website. These links should not have nofollowed* attribute.

. The same applies to nofollowed* outbound link(s), outbound for other websites linked to your subject.

These two types of links are quite appreciated by search engines, even more so if they are 'nofollowed'.

* nofollow is a value that can be assigned to a link. It instructs search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the rank of the link's target, in the search engine's index. (Find more information on Wikipedia):

  • Normal link: <a href="">Content with a link towards a site</a>
  • Nofollowed link : <a href="" rel="nofollow">Content with a link towards a form</a>




Content with a minimum of 300 words

. If your text contains 920 words, this will be considered more than the recommended minimum of 300 words. Below this figure, Google advises you to add more content on your subject.


Content with some pictures

. Some pictures with a link to the subject is highly recommanded to use for you SEO. The images on the page should contain alt attributes with the focus keyword, like this one: alt="Référencement naturel / SEO –", just in case the image does not show.


The use of meta description

A meta description is an HTML tag placed at the beginning of your sheet, between the tags. It provides a concise explanation of a Web page's content.

. This meta description will contain your keyword, in such a way that the description will be unique on each of your pages.

. Moreover, the meta description will have a good length : between 30 and 50 words are great!

* Please note that the description is more of an advert for the searcher looking at the search results. While the title tag determins if a page ranks for a certain keyword, the meta description only helps a search result stand out. If more people click on a result with a good description, Google rewards in with a higher ranking. (cf. Wikipedia)



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