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To improve your Search Engine Optimization, your content has to be readable! You've taken into account the 12 basic principles from our previous post, so please check your writing.

Readability & SEO: 5 important for your pages & posts

  • words for readability

. the number of words between each of your sub-titles should not go over the advices amount of 300 words per page;

. the use of transition words (therefore, thus, etc.) is recommanded: it makes a post more enjoyable, thus easier to understand, and you'll have a better chance of keeping your user on your website, which is a good thing.
So it's normal to use transition words when writing your content. You can consider a percentage of 30 words within a page as a good figure.

Transition words for content optimized by SéverineAutin.com


  • verbs

Use of the active voice makes for a good SEO; as such the subject does the action: You improve your SEO with the readability of your content.

In a sentence with the passive voice, the subject suffers the action: The readability of your content is improved by your writing.

In other terms, passive werbs are composed of the auxilary verb 'to be'.
Have a guess: what did we use on our page WordPress expertise? Active or passive form?

Perhaps you wonder if there is any difference? According to Google, content mainly written in the active form is clearer. On the other hand, understanding the subject is not always obvious.

So don't forget your write mostly for readers, not search engines 😉



  • easy-to-read sentences

Short sentences are prefered to long ones. SEs such as Google and Bing scroll through short sentences of 20 words or less more easily.

A content with 25% of such sentences is ideal for readability. Then try to shorten your sentences!


  • paragraphs

Short paragraphs are easy to read too.


To conclude, structured content with short sentences and paragraphs, transition words and active form writing is more comprehensive to readers.

Add to that sub-titles and keywords, you might not only keep these users on your website but also encourage them to read more.
And perhaps even convert them to become your customers.


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