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How to choose the right hosting company for your domain

On what criteria are you going to choose your future hosting company?
Is it about cost? Localisation?...

For us, the answer depends on focusing on a few points, 3 of which seem critical to select your host.

This post will be our first ♥ on this blog !


Let's take a look at Infomaniak, the swiss hosting company.

A few months ago, we had just developped a new website on localhost and wanted to send it online, to our (French) host, with whom we had a global satisfactory collaboration.

However, the second time round, there was a bug. Once online, the website showed... a white screen.
Why ?

After having checked everything, we tried to find help through our host – but they were only available via email – when called on the phone, the receptionnist said ''please send an email'' !

But, when we sent it, the answer was too short and we didn't understand it, so we asked for more help.
And they never replied.
Is this a professionnal way to serve new or regular customers?

Therefore, we started looking for a new hosting company, and mentioned it to others.

A friend of ours came back: he had a Swiss hosting company, Infomaniak, and said they were just perfect.

Here's the home page :

Infomaniak hosting company @ Sé


Why we love them too:


The first 3 criteria that helped us to choose Infomaniak are simple.

Infomaniak hosting servers for Sé

Firstly: the services they offer

At Infomaniak, there are 3 main services. You can just have your emails hosted, use hosting for websites, or use a cloud server.

If you choose Web+Email hosting, here is what will be proposed:


Infomaniak hosting services for Sé

This made us feel more secure in our new relation.

But we wanted to be sure to make the right choice. Hence our 2nd point.


Secondly: the assistance

In our job, having a quick support can be really important, whether an issue is about a customer's hosting or about our hosting.

Having a live support by chat is fine, during daytime.


Hosting Infomaniak contact | Sé

And we like the possibility to get someone over the phone. Yes ! So many companies hide themselves behind their screen ; it's even worse if the contact has to be done via a form !

- we definitely advice you to look for the phone number whenever we are buying products or services on the internet -


Lastly, support by email is available 24/7, so you can use it for non-urgent business and/or to keep records.

As you can imagine, we've tried these three ways of assistance and got quick answers, so we were thrilled with the results.


Thirdly: cost

We looked at the prices of different hosts.

Compared with our current hosting company, Infomaniak was parctically the same price: with just an extra 10 € per year.
That's all!

Really worth it !


Hosting company Infomaniak cost | Sé


Each new customer needs hosting. Suggesting Infomaniak wins reductions (apprx. 20% on Web hosting), which we are happy to offer back to the clients.

As such, if you ask us to develop your website, you'll certainly have web & email hosting with Infomaniak 🙂


Moreover, you'll find plenty of other services at Infomaniak, which is Switzerland's largest web-hosting company. It also offers :

- WorkSpace, to manage your emails online,
- a professional emailing solution to send newsletters and
- live-streaming and video on demand services.


To conclude, we hope that you're convinced.

If so, we can offer you 10% over the total amount of your 1st invoice, for the development or up-dating of your website.